Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Felice Brothers at Radio Radio Indy March 16

1. Run Chicken Run
2. Greatest Show on Earth
3. Murder By Mistletoe
4. Whiskey in my Whiskey: Farley asks "what's this song about?" James, "Drinking Whiskey and killing your woman!"
5. Marlboro Man: Farley again asks, "What's this song about?" Ian, "This is a very personal song about a man dying of cancer".
6. Chicken Wire: Ian, "Another song about an invalid on his death bed".
7. Cypress Grove: Ian, "Spooky blues number by the great Skip James, its either Skip James or Bon Jovi."
8. White Limo: Ian, "this is a heavy metal song, so".
9. Let Me Come Home: Ian, "this is a very tender, tender, tender song about a prodigal son who wants to come home."Farley, " come up close, you got to hear these words, let em touch you all over". James on lead vocal, reminiscent of Christmas Song.
10. Loves me Tenderly: Best version i've heard yet.
11. Goddamn You Jim
12. Hey Hey Revolver
13. Galilee
14. Marie: lots of trading vocals
15. Take this Bread: Clapping fans drive this song along.
16. Frankie's Gun: sounding very Ska'ish
17. Where'd You get the Liquor?
18. St Stephens End
19. Two Hands: Ian, This is a song by the late great Townes Van Zandt.
20 Penn Station.