Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Asheville 9-28

This sent in from an Asheville fan on

approximate setlist:

Murder by Mistletoe (with nice fiddle/accordian intro)
Greatest Show on Earth
Chicken Wire
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Helen Fry
Hey Hey Revolver
Loves me Tenderly
Forever Green
River Jordan->
Frankie's Gun
Farley Song
New Ian song
Run Chicken Run
New James Song - "Be Easy"
Lou the Welterweight
New Christmas Song
Take This Bread
Goddamn You Jim
Where'd You Get Your Liquor?
White Limousine

E: Rise and Shine (Ian solo at the house piano - amazing)
Two Hands
Glory Glory - with about 25 people onstage

Amazing show, great crowd, great energy. 2 hrs. 4th time seeing them for me - they keep getting better. Taylor Hollingworth, the opener, played lead guitar from Helen Fry on -- he added some nice touches here and there. I'm probably missing 1-2 songs.