Monday, October 5, 2009

Simone Felice reading from "Black Jesus"

Simone reading from his new novel-
"Black Jesus" is a killer, he was born in 1985, He shakes, Elephants never forget "black Jesus" is shy and the killer, "Black Jesus" is white as a dove".

also-"When Black Jesus came home from war, a big pair of Stevie Wonder sunglasses hung from his face. Not because they made him look cool, that wasn't it, they gave him the glasses to hide the wreck the little bomb had made of his eyes. He fought in Bagdhad, He fought in Sadr City and out along the River and down all the bad roads in between. He fought the worst days, the longest days in Fallujah, but most of all he fought the feeling inside he's had forever that he just dont belong."

Simone also sings a riveting version of "One More American Song"

picture by Olivia Dean