Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lost Treasures: Vol. 1 "Waterspider-ugly version"

I guess we might never hear this again, but it remains one of my favorite Felice Brothers songs of all time, this version really matches up well with another lost classic "Division St.) love the sound of this version, its really gritty, and benefits from Simone's and Ian's voices mixing nicely.

from Bronyaur at Frankiesgun come his lyrics

oh the band i'm followin
i could hear them hollerin
hey hey cocaine

could you meet us in the pines
and grind your lullaby
and go dance in the pourin rain

waterspider. dessert flower.
they don't make them like you no more
waterspider. freedom fighter
they don't make them like you no more

well, there's a time to give em hell
and a time to wish em well
oh hey hey cocaine

some dreams you'll understand
but some don't mean a damn
hey hey cocaine

even if forest fires rage in californ a while
even if the world turns on end
even if the union band kills the whole of dixie land
oh hey hey cocaine