Friday, June 4, 2010

Rochester NY: The Felice Brothers June 3 Review

Fire Mountain (another excellent new song)
Greatest Show on Earth
Loves Me Tenderly
Katie Dear
Murder By Mistletoe
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Step Dad
River Jordan
Run Chicken Run
God Damn You Jim
Farley's Song
White Limo
Honda Civic
another new song
Take This Bread
Hellen Fry
Frankies Gun

Probaby not entirely in order, especially towards the second half of the set. I did see someone taping, so hopefully this show will surface soon!

Setlist by Marlboro Man @
review by Mudcat

They were sloppy, loose, and really, really great. I took a friend who had never seen them before and he was amazed. He was primarily amazed at how the passion for the music comes through, even when it is being played in such a drunken, sloppy manner. The mistakes didn’t matter last night because the band was clearly having fun.

They opened with a new one, it referenced 911 a lot, but I’m unfamiliar with it. Greatest Show was next, followed by Loves Me Tenderly. Ian false started Loves Me Tenderly a few times and then sarcastically changed most of the lyrics. Murder By Mistletoe and Whiskey were next (I think). James was great and pretty much let the audience sing the song. Then, for some reason, the whole band dropped out and Christmas just jammed on his bass. It looked as if the entire song was going to implode for a second, but they got it back and finished strong. Katie Dear was especially good, with Ian shouting by the end of the song. Stepdad>River Jordan>Fuck the News (really nothing more than an extra, sarcastic verse)>Run Chicken Run was next. Goddamn You Jim was pretty haunting. A new one was in there somewhere. I’m not sure what it was. Ian and Christmas were swapping verses on the song, but there were no horns (at least that I remember). Cool song, but I will have to hear it a few more times to really grasp it.

At this point, things get foggy for me. I remember White Limo, Farley sang for his Grand-Dad, Take This Bread, Cooperstown. They also played Dallas, a new song which was the song they played first on WRUR yesterday. They ended with Lou, since a lot of people in the crowd (myself included) were calling for it.

Once they left the stage, a bunch of people started chanting “Frankie’s Gun”. It must be hard to have to play a song every night, but people clearly missed it when they didn’t play it in the set. They came out for the encore and did Helen Fry. Then, they satisfied those who were chanting with a very chaotic Frankie’s Gun. Ian didn’t have his guitar on for the first verse, so when the band drops out for that chromatic blues lick, there was silence. Kind of funny.

All in all, a totally great show. I did not tape it as I suggested I might, but there was someone with gear in the balcony. Unfortunately, he forgot a battery pack and was worried that he might not get the entire show.
We'll see...

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