Thursday, October 14, 2010

Live Review From the Larimer Lounge in Denver

Live review: The Felice Brothers @ the Larimer Lounge
By allen klosowski | October 12th, 2010 | View Comments

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The Felice Brothers kicked off their Sunday night set with a mix of accordion, guitar, and fiddle-infused sound, which really must be heard to be understood completely. It’s a mixture of instruments that in any other hands would be light and cheerful, but under the band’s direction comes off delightfully driving and dark. They are the sort of band that you can envision playing on the front porch, drinking moonshine, and celebrating a friend’s release from the nearest lockup. It all comes together for great effect, the sound is intimate and familiar, immediately approachable, and immensely enjoyable in a small venue like the Larimer Lounge.

Standout songs included rousing versions of “Murder By Mistletoe” and “Let Me Come Home” that had the crowd bouncing around and sloppily spilling their PBRs. If there was a drawback to the night, it appeared Ian Felice was suffering from a cold, and Greg Farley’s fiddle went haywire in the fourth song and ultimately never quite got the showing it deserved.