Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Surprise : tour debut Hampton Beach

The Big Surprise (all bands)
Marlboro Man
White limo
Goddamn you jim
Greatest show
Lawrence County ( with keith from ocms)
Farley Song
Run Chicken
Stephens End
Take this bread
With all bands:
Like a hurricane
Helen Fry
I'll fly away
Wagon wheel
Tell it to me

Searcher played on everyones songs and switched with dave on the felice set.

Great show. More later. All acts were great. Venue was average.

All out at first for Big Surprise

Then Townes Earle played. Friggin awesome. Highlights were Mamas Eyes and What do You Do When you're Lonesome. Played about thirty minutes, Searcher on drums.

Felice Brothers next. Dave on drums, searcher dancing and harmonies. Tenderly was great. Take This Bread with all Bands , left crowd buzzing. Ian has never been better. You can see the future of the band with Ian freed up to display great Showmanship.(fingers crossed horn section)

Crowd was predominately ocms fans.. Musta been couple thousand people there.

Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch next. Very good. Lots of fans up there. Searcher again playing some drums
Highlights were I Hear Them All and Novocaine.

Ocms were next. Played a great set, highlights were Poor man and Caroline. Then all came out on stage for next bunch of songs until Searcher joined Dave R and Gillian and Ocms for a replacements cover to close the show.