Friday, August 7, 2009

Kitty's Report from Boston

Hey all - - Jumpin' Bean and I went up to the NH and and the Boston show. HUGE improvement between the two nights!! Close to a full four hours. 20 of the voodoo screenprint poster signed by everyone available at each show for $50. In Boston, they were also running a silent auction of a signed FB drumhead.... don't know much about that. And since Bean isn't around to spill the beans.... yes, there is a CD (she got 13/100). Called Mix Tape. Maybe up to 12 songs. Trying to recall from memory and since I am fairly new to FB, you will have to forgive I can't recall them all....White Limo was on there.... Marlboro Man, and she was super excited about Marie.

Over on the Old Crow forum, there are a lot of links to blogs and such, and in general the reception to the FB hasn't been great. That is too bad... they bring a lot of energy to the show and it was really great to see Ian and Farley learning from Dave and Ketch on stage in Boston. I mean - they are different from the other acts with their dissonant chords, the electric instruments, and drums - but they are a great addition to the line-up and all the folks around us in Boston were like WOW - Who was that again?!??!! Oh well, different strokes for different folks... I personally didn't enjoy the Dave Rawlings Machine until other folks joined in a livened it up a bit. Slight downer after FB set left the crowd so high. Also, everyone did switch up their sets from the previous night in NH.... except Dave and Gillian. They had a lot of fans in the crowd though - - -

The new drummer Dave played more in NH.... he played like one song with FB in Boston and then sorta disappeared for the rest of the evening. Here goes my attempt at the set list and side notes for the whole show (spoiler alert for anyone who really wants it to be a surprise!!) ....

Big Surprise (FB lead, everyone on stage)
JTE and Cory:
Ordinary Fool (w/ Ketch on fiddle, Morgan on Bass, and Gill on pedal steel.. oh so nice!)
Bye Bye Baby (new fave)
I think I missed a song here.....
Gospel Tune of some sort with OCMS and FB in the 'choir'

Felice Brothers:
Marlboro Man
White Limo (w/ new drummer Dave)
Frankie's Gun (Ketch joins on tambourine, Willie on electric ~ 1/2 through, back to Searcher on drums)
Whiskey (Willie on Guitar, Gill on tam and sang a verse of his own)
New song about a race car driver
Run Chicken Run (Willie on electric)
Farley's Song
Penn Station
Take This Bread (everyone)


David Rawlings Machine: (Thanks to our new Winnipeg friends that helped me with these!!)
I Hear Them All -> This Land is Your Land (3 verses) -> I Hear Them All
Sweet Tooth
Thank You Friend (?)
Cortez the Killer
Ruby (Benmont, Willie, Ketch, Kevin & Morgan)
It's Too Easy (same as above, David switches to banjo)
Bells of Harlan (Benmont and Morgan)
Monkey and the Engineer (above with Willie and Ketch on harmonica and taking the low notes in harmony)
Queen Jane (big crowd hit)
---stage clears for maybe two minutes

Rubens Train (did Willie take lead vocals on this?)
Hard to Love
AHT (Benmont joins on keys, Searcher on drums)
Crazy Eyes (Ketch sings lead and Willie thanks him, Benmont stays on stage through the end)
Caroline (Ketch on banjo, James on accordion)
Minglewood (David joins on electric, Cory on mando... hotter and wilder than the night before!!)
Down Home Girl (same as above with James on keys)
Mary's Kitchen (everyone on stage till the end - - Willie breaks string, David on electric, Farley on washboard, Jame and Benmont on organ)
Helen Fry (FB song, Gill on pedal steel)
Miss Ohio (Gillian lead - on electric maybe?... Gill on pedal steel, searcher on drums.. another crowd fave)
Can't Hardly Wait (JTE lead, Cory mando, Gill still on pedal steel, David on harmonica)
Wagon Wheel (everyone still on stage, Gillian singing great harmonies, David on electric... ketch breaks string and hardly gets out the last bars of the song)

Long Way to the Top (David on lead, Cory on drums, Morgan on electric bass, Gillian on electric, Ketch on tam and harmonica, Searcher on drums, both organs going, guitars everywhere!)
Tell It To Me (Willie breaks another string and switches to electric, Cory back on mando)