Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Couple Of Recommendations

Take This Bread got its name from a Felice Brothers song, but the true inspiration behind the philosophy of what we are trying to do comes from the late singer songwriter Harry Chapin. Harry had a philosophy of playing a show for benefit, to match every show he did for himself. I hated Harry's music, but i loved his "missionary zeal".

There is a band on the indie scene out of Boston, Ma called State Radio. Some of you might have heard of them, they had a few reasonably successful songs on the indie scene, most notably, the superb "Knights of Bostonia". Well these folks, when they arrive in the city that they are playing, help organize, and participate in a public service project in that community. They do this with their fans and other people in the community. Definately the type of people i try to support. They are darn good as well, especially if you like a SUBLIME- type sound. here is their website

They also launched a social networking tool for people with similar intentions and fans called (check it out). I am on there, and am a fan.

My other recomendation is a new music blog out there that really stands out. Its a Cleveland based site called "Now This Sound Is Brave" or NTSIB. April is a big Felice Brothers fan, but covers the whole indie scene as well as live music in the Cleveland OH area. Its a first class site for that area and much needed. For some reason Cleveland is an area that often gets ignored tour wise by many acts, and i cant figure that out, as it is the home of rock and roll, or at least that's what Huey Lewis said. Here is the link