Monday, February 8, 2010

a thought on the Duke and the King

Something that's been on my mind.

The Duke and the King isn't a rock and roll band, it's an idea.

Some of us got that. We live by that idea and those principles are laid out for us
during their shows. They are principles of life that the fans and the band share.

The idea is alive.

Some random thoughts as I head out to Georgia
-as the Felice Brothers head out to record their new album. I am hoping we see a few things, like Farleys song finally make a album, ian's rendition of "Solitary Man", and more songs from Josh, who apparently has a growing list of fine songs. Finally, more harmonies. Those barroom harmonies were a big part of the band sound, that was not as utilized on Yonder is the Clock as it had been, on say the self titled record or Tonight at the Arizona. Love to see those return again as a big part of the band sound.
-the Dave Mathews tour is upcoming. I know most of us fans would rather be attacked by a flock of AIDS infested woodpeckers, than sit through a 2 hour DMB set, yet it's important for us to be there if financially possible, to support the band and spread the message. I know most of the DMB fans will be cats named "Chip" wearing flip flops and drinking daquiries, while their preppy sunglasses swing around their neck, and might not "get" the Bros, nor would we want them to, but there could be some potential fans in there.

-The Simone Felice solo record. I'll be on the trail and if it comes out, please someone upload the tunes to YouTube or something so I can listen to them mobile like.

-I will start my journals from Georgia on Sunday, it will be updated on my user name is "takethisbread" and I will be using twitter under the same name.

God Bless and goodbye for now