Friday, August 13, 2010 announces publisher for Simone Felice novel

Black Jesus novel goes To Hell
12.08.10 | Graeme Neill

Independent To Hell With Publishing has bought a debut novel by American songwriter and poet Simone Felice.

Commissioning editor and partner Lucy Owen bought British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to Black Jesus, from Hannah Westland at Rogers, Coleridge & White. To Hell has a set contract for debut novels where the author is advanced £1,000 and there's an equal profit share between author and publisher. The book will be published in July 2011 and is about an Iraq war veteran who returns home after being blinded by a roadside bomb.

Owen said: "This is a thrilling acquisition for To Hell with First Novels. Black Jesus will infiltrate even the hardest of hearts." Westland said: "I’m incredibly proud to be representing Simone Felice, an extraordinary American artist whose writing deserves to be as widely celebrated as his music has become."

Performing in bands such as The Felice Brothers, The Duke & The King and The Avett Brothers, Felice will be on a solo tour from 18th August, including dates at the Edinburgh Book Festival, Green Man Festival and London.