Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Felice Brothers Rocks Off in NY

Best info as far as a setlist i could gather:
1. Murder by Mistletoe
2. White Limousine
3. Greatest Show on Earth
4. Where'd Ya Get The Liquor At
5. ?
6. Whiskey in My Whiskey
7. Stepdad
8. Back Home Again?
9. Frankie's Gun!
10. Goddamn You, Jim
11. Run Chicken Run
12. Chicken Wire
13. Love Me Tenderly
14. Helen Fry
15. Take This Bread
16. Two Hands

The Felice Brothers Rocks Off Boat Cruise
In Section: PRESS Play » Posted By: Mark Stinson

With the current stickiness covering the city like a wet willy, it's no wonder people seek to flee these humid airs aboard boats. And who has the time for Fire Island these days anyway?

Last night, The Felice Brothers played to a new moon and couple hundred people on the good ship Jewel as part
of the Rocks Off concert series. And you didn't even need to be a part of the shore set to be there. Of course I wore my sailor's cap. But mostly because it helps the booze go down. Turns out maybe I should have left the cap at home.

As we shuffled aboard and subsequently shoved off (they were serious about the 8 p.m. departure time), the heaviness definitely lifted. The Diamond Doves hit the stage pretty quickly, getting the sweat back. This particular cruise left from East 23rd Street and the FDR and headed south. As the sometimes-Elvis Perkins-backing band tore through a tight and energetic set of solid rock tunes, frequently switching instruments, mostly all taking a turn at the mic, jumping up and down as the boat itself rocked slowly down the East River. It's no wonder Carl Newman tweeted "Somebody put out that record" about the group. Watching the light fade behind the backdrop of skyline, I wished I could have been that guy.

As the dusk settled in the and boat rounded the incandescent skyline of Lower Manhattan, The Felice Brothers walked up through the crowd to the bow and took the floor. A band that's storied to have cut its teeth in the MTA subway system, a smelly boat didn't seem any less appropriate a venue than an empty boxcar in the middle of a wheat field.
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"Murder by Mistletoe" started off the set with a sort of listing rhythm appropriate and seemed almost in time with the boat. As the volume undulated as well, the brothers pulled the crowd in like a tide. And when the band sang "It's a perfect summer night and the moon is shining clear" you believed it was indeed the Greatest Show on Earth.

"Whiskey in My Whiskey" started with a bang and boat started rocking as the full steerage jumped up and down, singing along. Experienced entertainers for sure and not much akin to the mp3-producing buzz bands of our favorite blogs, The Felices is a band that seems to exist outside current trend spaces (except of course for Aderall references).

When the boat rounded the Statue of Liberty it felt like a scene out of Gangs of New York more than any YouTube video. And by the time full darkness descended and people started to wonder where the fuck they were, "Frankie's Gun" and "Run Chicken Run" made them not really give a shit.

As the boat docked, the drunken sailors poured back into the dank Manhattan air feeling as if they had been on another island, or in another world for the previous three hours.

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