Monday, June 15, 2009

Hollywood Knights! The Felice Brothers in LA

Just got back to AZ after attending my first Felice Brothers show in California. It was fantastic to finally have fulfillment after having only enjoyed their recorded music for so long.

Set list:
Buffalo Bill - Great to hear this song, a sweet opener!
Greatest Show on Earth
Take this Bread
The Big Surprise
Run Chicken Run
Goddam you Jim
Memphis (Swine) Flu
Marlboro Man
Whiskey in My Whiskey
White Limo
Murder by Mistletoe
Where'd you get the Liquor
River Jordan - Awesome new song!
Frankie's Gun
Chicken Wire
Boy from Lawrence County
Farley's song (for Papi)
Let Me Come Home

St. Stephen's End
Trials and Troubles (Old Crow song sung by Willie from Old Crow, who was there playing most songs with them)
Two Hands
Penn Station

The show lasted just past midnight and it was magical throughout. My personal highlight was Two Hands, when the crowd (at least those most invested in the front) reached a feverish pitch. Also during this song, Searcher enjoyed the company of two pretty girls who took the liberty of working what the good Lord gave'em around his drum chair.
I also was so excited that Willie was there. I was confused most of the show as to who this small gentleman playing rhythm guitar was, and I didn't realize until I heard his twangy, high voice on Trials and Troubles that it was a friend from Old Crow. A great surprise.
The show was competing with the LA Pride 2009 celebration, and while the show at the humble Troubadour had fewer people, I dare say we had more fun.

M Hunt