Monday, June 1, 2009

Someone not too impressed in Minny

By majikamig fan review on

Saw the boys at the 400 in minneapolis last night and had mixed opinions. I'm sure the guys are sick of hearing it, but having seen them last time through town I thought the new dynamic was a little underwhelming. Ian, James and Christmas were as solid as ever but the new drummer seemed a bit uncomfortable, and truthfully just not that tight. The whole Farely thing I just don't quite get, seems like a weird hip hop vibe isn't really their best suit of clothes. I hate to say it but it sort of looked like a band in need of some serious personal evaluation. I'll be surprised to see them come through town again with the same line up. Anyone who saw them with the original line up knows Simone was the shit, and I get he wants to do his own thing, but it looks to me like he left his bros up the creek without a paddle (or at least a drummer/character in his league.) I hate to see them go down as a "what could have been" band but ... they have some things to figure out. The set was good and Ian tore it up on several occasions and even came out into the crowd and danced with a young lady during the Farely song. The crowd was pretty low key considering it was a Sunday night and never quite got to the rambucous level required at a Felice show. I wish the boys success over the next few legs of the tour, even though it might not sound like it from the above post I'm really rooting for the guys. Good Luck.

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