Friday, June 19, 2009

St Louis June 17 The Felice Brothers

We just got back from the show. Aside from the obnoxious crowd (including the girl stealing the one and only setlist from the stage before the show was over -- Ian was NOT happy about that), the concert was great. Here's the setlist:

video by Jumpinbean (thankyou!!! one of your best ones!)

The Big Surprise (w/ organ intro by James)
Greatest Show on Earth
Take This Bread
Whiskey In My Whiskey
Where'd You Get The Liquor
River Jordan
Run Chicken Run
Helen Fry
White Limosine
Goddamn You, Jim
Farley's Song
Frankie's Gun
Ballad of Lou the Welterweight
"Swine Flu"
Boy from Lawrence County
Let Me Come Home
Saint Stephen's End
Two Hands
Penn Station