Monday, July 13, 2009

The Felice Brothers at the Surf Lodge, Montauk NY 7-11-09

Notes: highlights were Farley's Song which was tight for second night in a row, the celebratory Loves me Tenderly and Two Hands, and Take this Bread. Beach Balls flew around for the first half of show, apparently to the aggravation of Ian, who had a couple of zingers for what he called the "hoity-toities". When one character resembling Neidermeir from Animal House tried to climb onto the banister of the porch, only to be rebuffed by his own innebriation, Ian sneered, "I thought we were at Spring Break". Neverless, fans were converted, many people came up to ask about the band and about the Take This Bread t shirts. The band did dedicate a couple numbers for me which was very kind. Montauk was very beautiful, and I would go again, but the crowd was a bit different.

Murder by Mistletoe
Take This Bread
Show on Earth
Wonderful Dream
Loves me Tenderly
White Limo
River Jordan
Run Chicken Run
Hey Hey Revolver
Farleys Song
Frankies Gun
Let Me Come Home
Where'd you Get the Liquor?

Two Hands
Penn Station

Probably missed a couple as I often do. I had a lot of fun. Lots of Breadheads/frankiesgun cats there. Crowd was decidedly unfelice. It was an electric show, much to the chagrin of management I am sure. Great venue, if not for the crowd of William Kennedy Smith types, show was puncuated by Dave Turbevilles plunge into the water.