Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Duke and the King: Live @ Diggers

Wow. It was so special to those guys here.

Band arrived at 300pm and checked out the gear and the headed out to walk about the streets. Simone did a little writing on the beach. They came back and did soundcheck and the people arrived.

Opening the little party was Maryse Smith. Incredible songwriter and singer who really amazed the audience.
The set lasted about a half hour and she left. Look her up on myspace, she has a cd coming out soon, she is from Burlington vt. Her song "Loose thread" is amazing and features a very memorable vocal performance.

The band came on almost immediately after a beautiful introduction by Safe Haven Director Tony Lombardi. They then Simone came out and said I was a "Waterspider" , which is about as big a compliment one can give.
They did a slew of great songs. I was expecting an acoustic show, but it was far from it.


Man in the Mirror/
If You Ever Get Famous
Devil is Real
Angels in Heaven
Union St
Summer Morning Rain
I've Been Bad
The Morning i Get to Hell
Lend Me an Ear
American Song
Radio Song

Talked with Simone for a long time about what Take This Bread comes from and it was really special hearing how that song came out. We talked about how crazy the reviews are for the new record. The London Telegraph just gave it Five out of five stars and compared Simone to Lenoard Cohen.
They are kinda of cautious and happy with all the amazing attention and accolades they are getting. We Talked about the Felice Brothers, and why he moved on, and how he missed Ian. He talked about how great Ian's gift is. Family and marriage was discussed and he told me he is getting married this summer, and how his mom hooked him up with a great honeymoon package. We talked about the Big Empty and how Your Old Volvo was a tribute to his mom, and he sung a few bars for me.

Robert was real cool, talked about scoring films, recording The Big Empty and how they came up with now being just a trio, with the Deacon being the third vocal.

The Deacon won everyone over with his charm, and lovability. He feels like family to everyone.

The hook for these guys is the harmonies and the poetry. they are all great singers

Super show the food was great, everyone ate Lobsters, clams, burgers, salads of every kind, chicken wings, watermelon and cupcakes.

Thanks to all and we raised a good bit of money for charity.

See you all next year I hope as this event will grow

The Auctions went very well as a late bid on the Big Empty grabbed over $100, which i had signed by Simone. not too shabby as the last weeks efforts garnered almost $1500 for a couple of local charities.