Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quick review from The Duke and The King show in Buffalo

It was an electric show. He played a lot considering he was an opener. He opened with a michael jackson nod with the man in the mirror. In no particular order he also played, scarecrow, radio song, waterspider, if you ever get famous, the morning i get to hell,still remember love, and neil young covers for a big canadian crowd with long may you run, and helpless. He also did lean on me. I am sure I forgot something. It was really great and although I have met simone in the past, he was really friendly to everyone around. Lots of hugs and handshakes. I wish I could see them do a full set,the closest they are coming to me again is pittsburgh, but I am getting married that day.oh and he did the devil is real, all in all awesome. he had the deacon backing him and it was like church. I only wish more people would have known the material, but on the bright side it seemed a lot of people were picking up the albums so hopefully simone reached some folks that day. -TUKF

We also know two big fans showed up too late for the show, and Simone and Robert took them into the dressing room and played a couple of tunes acapella for them since they drove all the way to see them. They said even though they missed the show they had a great time and they were treated great.