Thursday, January 21, 2010

We will always love the Deacon

Although I was not going to blog for a few months, I had to get this one off my heart.
I, along with many fans who have emailed me, have been heartbroken to hear that "the Deacon", our friend,
Nowell, had split from The Duke And The King. It shocked me, it felt like a kick in stomach, and mostly it felt like a
missed opportunity for music fans. I felt the band from mid fall on had become very special, unique, and Nowell was a integral piece
of that.

I suppose that I have seen a few hundred rock and roll shows in my life, and seen legendary performers ranging from
Jimmy Page to Roy Orbison to Stevie Wonder. No one consistently gave me jaw dropping moments like Nowell did and I hope
will do again. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with how he was utilized, delivering the big lines, in great songs by one of this generations finest
songwriters. "Annabelle" in Radio Song glowed like never before and made versions I had heard performed by the Felice Brothers, seem insignificant, like kids play. He made The Devil is Real, leap out at the listener, and allow us to focus not just on the words and melody, but "feel" a man worried about his salvation. His short time around us professionally, was marked by so many memorable moments and
a significant part of the Duke and The King's trademark sound. I felt the band had the potential to be really huge. They really could have been as big as Fleetwood Mac, and maybe they still will be. I have always felt that Simone Felice is a force of nature the world will not be able to resist.

Most importantly, The Deacon, is a person people love. I figure that I have come across tens of thousands of people in my life and I am not sure one has seemed more genuine, more easily loved, or more endearing, than my friend Nowell. I know many others will agree. His smile is infectious, like he is the sun and we are a field of Daisy's. He is real people and he will be missed the next time I see the duke and the king. Although he is gone from that band he will still be a part of our musical family, as we will continue to follow him here and on Most importantly he will be in my heart as a friend ongoing. He has had a very profound impact on my life. I am better person for hearing his voice, feeling his embrace and seeing him laugh.

That said, I have confidence the Duke and the King can and will endure. There is no other person in popular music with the "duende" of Simone Felice. The fireworks will still pop, just a little differently.

Long live the Deacon.