Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Dublin Review is In

The Duke & And The King were in Dublin for the last show of their British/Irish tour. And so it was off to The Academy to find out it was actually the underground part that we, and the band, were corralled in to. Simone Felice wasn't happy but, after letting his feelings been known about his London agent putting everyone into the pit of Hades, things went heavenly.

It's hard not to use religious imagery when describing my first time seeing The Duke & The King (and Simone since The Felice Brothers' magnificent show in The Sugar Club in 2008). After hearing the main man singing "If You Ever Get Famous" back-to-back with "The Morning I Get To Hell" I could have finished my pint of stout, grabbed my coat, and went to the next pub happy. However, the other members had even more to bring to the congregation. Even though there were only three more persons in the band, and maybe 100 people in the audience, you had to look around and wonder who was making whichever angelic sound was resting on your ears. Every voice had that kind of spooky. Of course, you could also be asked for a dance and a twirl by whichever band member didn't have a part to play at that particular time. The spirits were always high.

Apart from almost all the "Nothing Gold Can Stay" album there were also cover versions of Felice Brothers' songs alongside a spiritual version of the Neil Young song Helpless.

A quite beautiful night.