Friday, May 14, 2010

Mixed Review From The Wiltern Theater

The review was written by Dylan ballwasher Gustavo Turner for LA Weekly, who was likely going through an epileptic seizure waiting for
Jakob to hit the stage. The whole show was reviewed very well, Jakob is not the worlds most charismatic performer, and a victim of a near career croaking mic jacking 15 years ago.

Here is the text of the Felice Brothers related part of the Review:

The juvenile Felice Bros. have a very distinctive, if slightly melodramatic, vocalist in Ian Felice, a relaxed keys man in his brother James, and a manic fiddler who acts as a kind of jocky hype-man ("How about that Jakob Dylan??? Uhhhh???"). Their act is somewhere in the ramshackle intersection of Tom Waits, The Pogues and somebody's dad's vinyl collection of the works of Dylan the Elder from 1963 to 1980.
They couldn't pull it off at the sit-down Wiltern, though one can imagine they would be a fantastic bar band. The Felices work best when kicking up a beat and singing their age ("Run Chicken Run": "She's the fairest of them all/ She loves her Adderall"), than when trying to get all Biblical and deep.