Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Felice Brothers get compared favorably to Rolling Stones Exile on Main St

In London Telegraph's music blog
here is the relevant text in Neil McCormack's review of the reissued "Exile on Main St"

Digital recording techniques favour perfection, where every beat and note can be separated and brought into perfect sync with every other, so that even commercial rock bands now (from U2 to Coldplay to Kings Of Leon) tend to sound slightly automated, with only the singer really bringing a human dimension. I’m not saying you can’t find those qualities on contemporary records (check out, for example, The Felice Brothers, whose virtues I have often extolled in this blog) but, for some reason, you don’t hear them on mainstream commercial radio anymore. Its as if programmers think such messy humanity might scare off their listeners. And yet, here the Stones stand, number one again, with their greatest and most glorious mess.