Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cleveland Setlist is In

1. Opening number... No clue what this song's called. Never heard it before. It had the words "fire on the mountain" in it, but wasn't the Grateful Dead or Bill Monroe songs. Guessing it's an Ian original? 
2. Greatest Show on Earth
3. Love Me Tenderly
4. Katie Dear
5. Murder by Mistletoe
6. Stepdad
7. River Jordan/Fuck the News
8. Run Chicken Run
9. Goddamn You Jim
10. Whiskey in My Whiskey
11. Honda Civic
12. White Limo
13. Endless Night
--Band just told the crowd to shut the fuck up
14. Take This Bread
15. Frankie's Gun
16. Farley's Song
17. Ballad of Lou the Welterweight (w/ the girl singer from Cassette)
18. Two Hands
St. Stephen's End
Dance Hall
Helen Fry

thanks Kate.