Monday, July 12, 2010

Lancaster 7-11 Photos Courtesy of Blue eyedJane

Pics by Jim Harris Studios

Here's the set list:
Take This Bread
Katie Dear
Greatest Show
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Murder by Mistletoe
Step Dad
Frankie's Gun
Roll on Arte
St Stephens End
White Limousine
Chicken Wire
Song by Farley - not sure
Run Chicken Run
Two Hands
Where'd You Get Your Liquor?
New Song - Ian
Glory, Glory
Review by Blue Eyed Jane

For what it's worth, my "review" of last nite's show:

Amish Country Gets Felice-d
A sea of lawn chairs covered the grounds in front of Long’s Park Amphitheatre in Lancaster on July 11. Regulars to the free concert series – families with young children and older folks with cute dogs in tow filled the audience at the pet friendly park, shaping the evening up to be, if nothing else, the Felice Brothers show with the largest ever attendance by dogs.
As the band stepped up to the mics, the audience members seemed to be settled into their places, like parents at a school play.
But the Felice’s had other plans.
“Come close!” Ian made a come-closer gesture, shouting “We’re not afraid of you, if you’re not afraid of us!” (or something along those lines)
Instantly , fans who had come far and wide to see the band, as well as some folks just really ready to have a good time and sensing one on tap, emerged from the anonymous chairs and blankets with big I-thought-you’d –never-ask grins on their faces and pooled at the front of the stage.
What followed was Felice Brothers perfection – a performance that brought sheer happiness to fans, charmed initiates who would be telling their co-workers the next day “I saw the craziest band last night!” and sent some of the audience, who were hoping for something akin to top 40 country, scrambling for their cars.
The Felice’s were energized and up (a far cry from the last performance I saw in Harrisburg a few months ago – I enjoyed it immensely and they were great, but the entire band, with the exception of Dave, seemed downright despondent)
Some of the setlist were (as far as I know) less often performed songs – for example Roll on Arte and St. Stephen’s End, and the audience itself was the sixth Felice Brother, singing along to many of the songs with enthusiastic encouragement from Jimmy and Farley. By the time fans rushed the stage to sing along with Glory Glory, the park management seemed to have pretty much given up on its efforts to maintain control – especially on their newly instituted “no smoking” policy.
Some things you might have seen, and a few you might have missed, if you were there:
- A guy yelling “Christmas will you marry me?” when the band came onstage.
-Christmas delivering a wonderfully intense version of Step-Dad.
-Jimmy entertaining the questions of a very young fan at the front of the stage while Ian sang St. Stephen’s End.
-Ian being swallowed by a mob of mostly much larger dudes, and disappearing with a big grin on his face, still singing.
-Christmas kneeling with a couple of kids on the stage after the show, chatting and seemingly writing or signing something.
-Someone observing that the Felice Brothers’ winnepago and trailer, parked next to the stage, looked like they had “just been pulled out of the junkyard.”
-The band gamely signing a box of Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies for a fan.
-A quiet young man sitting reservedly in a lawn chair throughout the show, then suddenly jumping up and hopping onstage with the mob during the last song.

So, on behalf of the happy mob – thanks, Felice Brothers!


Cypress Grove video