Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Major Buzz Around The Felice Brothers re: Newport

From today
The Felice Brothers stormed through many hearts during their ’08 iconic gig, when a power-out planted them barefoot in the mud with a drenched audience. “We were in the middle of the worst weather imaginable,” Sweet recollects, “and [the power] goes out right during [The Felice Brothers’] performance, and they just hopped off the stage, rolled up their pants in the middle of the mud and made everybody circle up around them. It was the true spirit of the festival.” After such a performance, odds are fans of the Catskills-goes-New-York-subway-folkers cross fingers for monsoon at this year’s show.

Iconic nice to hear that word associated with them

This is the Aquariam Drunkard's review of their set the day after their 2008 set:

With the mud creeping in and the stage seeming too removed from the crowd, the Felice Brothers opted instead to play on the ground, Simone Felice’s snare and hi-hat literally half-buried in a mud puddle and everyone else stomping around in bare feet and rolled jeans. The brothers (and their good friends Christmas and Farley) played a completely unplugged set that would have hearkened back to Newport’s early days were it not for the frenetic energy and the glorious slop of the entire affair. Simone routinely left his drums, stalking his way through the crowd and inciting everyone to sing along while the fantastically-bearded James Felice convinced half of the girls in the tent to dance with him as he squeezed the hell out of his accordion. Somewhere in the mud and confusion, Ian Felice broke three guitar strings and went hoarse, prompting the small but rabid crowd to shout back the words to “Frankie’s Gun!!” in what was one of the most invigorating performances of the day. .