Tuesday, July 6, 2010


TakeThisBread: Thanks for sitting down with us. Mr Lebowski and Mr Sobchak

Dude: I'm the Dude, that's what you call me, or His Dudeness, or El Duderino if you are not into the whole brevity thing. Mind if i do a "J"?

Takethisbread: Be my guest.

Takethisbread: Are you a fan of the Felice Brothers?

The Dude: yea man, i dig the Brothers, man. They have a lot of similarities with musical acts i have liked for a long time; like
Bob Dylan and Creedence of course.

Walter: I knew a guy named Felice once, back in Nam.

Takethisbread: What songs are your favorites?

Walter: "Roll on Arte" has the bowling theme, and The Dude and I sang an a capella version of this song at Donny's 10 yr Memorial service at the lanes, we changed the words to "Roll on Donny, Roll on"

Dude: I like "Don't Wake the Scarecrow" its got that whole Wizard of Oz thing, which is cool, man.

Takethisbread: What is your view of Lebowskifest and the cult following surrounding the film?

Dude: People dig the Dude's vibe, man. Take it easy, smoke a bone, listen to some good tunes, bowl. Just like GOD Intended, man. People all over the world love the movie.

Walter: Not in Nam, of course.

TakeThisBread: Still hate the Eagles?

Walter: Fuckin' amateurs.

Dude: Man, i always hated those motherfuckers. Kind of band Jackie Treehorn would love. met Don Henley once at the Los Angeles Forum when i was a
Roadie for Metallica, it was back in his "ponytail" years, a real angry cat, man.

Walter: The Dude has softened over the years on the Eagles. "Peaceful, Easy, Feeling" reminds him of Donny. Well that and "I am The Walrus".

TakeThisbread: Whats on your ipods?

Walter: "Mein Kampf" audio version narrated by Henry Rollins, and Santana.

Dude: Santana? That creep can play, man.

Takethisbread: And you Dude?

Dude: I just got an ipod, i am not sure how to use it, but i had Marty the Landlord load some of my favorites on it: Bob, of course
,Creedence, The Felice Brothers, the 2004 league semifinals, and Autobahn. Karl Hungus, was a fuckin' genius man. Like Van Gogh, who also had a missing ear.

Walter: I can get you a Toe, or an ear.

Dude: Either way, i cant figure out how to navigate my ipod anyway, so i usually just jam an old mixtape of Bob into my car cassette player and roll my windows
down so i can hear it in the house.

Takethisbread: You folks plan on going to Lebowskifest?

Dude: Yea man, fuckin A, bread. I'll be there, White Russians, a little Thai stick, a few frames. fuckin' nirvana, man.

Walter: I may gO friday, but thats it. Shomer Shabbos. Jewish day of rest. That means i don't work, I dont drive a car, i dont handle money
i don't turn on a oven, and i sure as shit don't fucking roll! Why they having this Festival on a Saturday? I told that Fuck
down at the Fest offices...

Dude: Take it easy Walter.

Walter: am i wrong?
Dude, No Walter, you're not wrong , you're just an asshole.

Takethisbread: What songs would you like to see the Felice Brothers play next weekend?

Dude: Their own stuff? "Marie" or "Forever Green" but they never play that one. From the film? i'd say "Looking out My Back Door" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Walter: "Roll on Donny, Roll on" or "I am the Walrus"

TakethisBread: Thanks fellas, see you next weekend.

Walter: Lets roll, Dude.