Monday, July 19, 2010

New Simone Felice Record: Solo Acoustic Versions

Available on Diverse Vinyl. Reinterpretations of some of his songs through the years as a member of the Felice Brothers and The Duke and King. This is a solo acoustic record.

This is a bit of an exclusive for Diverse Records. Simone got in touch with us and told us that he'd recorded a solo album. He'd re-recorded a host of The Duke & The King and Felice Brothers songs with just him, a microphone and an acoustic guitar. It was going to coincide with his solo tour of the UK and be sold on merch stands. Then came the bombshell, 'do you want to release it on vinyl?'.

Of course, we said yes. It sounds amazing. For those of you that like a back story, Simone was rushed into hospital a couple of months ago, a post appeared on his website saying...

'We must tell you all, with a heaviness we cannot convey of the news that our dearest brother Simone Felice was rushed late last night to Albany Medical Center. Simone has been scheduled for emergency open-heart surgery as a result of Aortic Stenosis.'

Obviously this was shocking news to his band, to his fans and to me and Paul. Luckily he pulled through and is keen to get back on the road. This album was recorded during his recovery and is Simone at his raw and emotional best.

Here's Simone's post-op message to his fans:

'I’m alive. Got my breast-bone sawed in two and my lungs collapsed and the main valve of my heart replaced by a carbon device that ticks like a pocket watch to the beat of my blood for the rest of my days, but I’m alive. Strange days indeed. What a wild thing to learn from the doctor: that for years you’ve been existing off 1/8th of the blood and oxygen your body and brain need, that he’s baffled your still alive, that you would’ve surely died within the next year. Before I could say ‘It’s the day of the big surprise’ I was under the knife. I want everybody who prayed for me or sent me their warm thoughts, to know that your goodness did not fall on deaf ears, I’m convinced that in some way I must have received every last one, and that all the love I’ve been shown in this hard time has indeed helped me make it through and to heal up so well and quickly.'

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