Monday, July 19, 2010

Lebowskifest 7-16

01 Greatest Show On Earth
02 White Limo
03 Katie Dear
04 Loves Me Tenderly
05 Dead Flowers
06 Whiskey In My Whiskey (with steve on spoons)
07 Run Chicken Run
08 Step Dad
09 Murder By Mistletoe
10 Where'd You Get The Caucasian
11 Roll On Donnie
12 Ballad Of Lou
13 Happy Birthday Mindy
14 Lay You Down Slow (Farley)
15 Take This Bread
16 Frankie's Gun


10 Lyrics changed to honor Lebowskifest
13 Farley helped wish Mindy Happy Birthday with the crowd and the band joining in

Show Notes;
Amazing Show, best performance i've heard yet. The band just seemed
so in sync, all thier beautiful slop knitted together nicely. Loved Whiskey
In My Whiskey, you will when you hear it, the beginning more scatted then sung
and more emotional for it. The first time i could really understand
the words of 'Stepdad' and really enjoyed it. Where'd you get the Caucasian was
a difficult stunt, but well pulled off. 'Lay You Down Slow' which we come to know
as "Two Nickels" can no longer be named as such. New lyrics, new meaning. I like
the lyrics, but seems like a completely different song, while the changes to the chorus
tied in nicely "These lives, tying up tight, friends say gotta grab yourself and better
move along"

Nick roberts