Monday, September 20, 2010

#3 Greatest Felice Brothers Song (so far)-Love Me Tenderly

listen here

The Felice Brothers common comparisons with Bob Dylan and the Band are probably flattering and often aggravating to the fellas. It's also unfair. Anyone playing rock music, particularly with an accordion as a major part of the sound is going to owe something to the folks that inhabited a pink house in Woodstock 40 years ago. 
It's unfair as well, since without question the biggest influence I hear in their music is Randy Newman. Mostly in James Felice's piano playing. What you hear in songs like Greatest Show on Earth, Marie and this song, Love me Tenderly, is the pure joy that is heard in James performance(that is Newman's trademark) It's all over the self titled album, and I believe why fans went bonkers for that record. 
Moreover, the Lyrics and melody to this tune, are infectious as it gets. It's consistently one tune that gets the crowd hollering in concert. 

Wouldn't you like that?

I added the Randy Newman song that likely was nicked a bit for Love Me Tenderly.