Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bad report from Leeds 9-11-10

The Felice Brothers were hugely disappointing tonight with a really flat set full of new songs, b-sides and lesser known songs, punctuated with around 6 of their "hits." Songs didn't take off, finished abruptly or dribbled to a close. The encore was not deserved and even then it hardly got going. They were drunk and tired and it was painful to watch at times. When Shane MacGowen is staggering about for The Pogues, the others get him through it but here the other Felice Bros were just as bad or unwilling to give 'em a kick up the arse.
Saw them last year at The Brud and it was one of my favourite gigs of the year but this was very poor in comparison. Some f*ckwits around me seemed to enjoy it but they could have sung a nursery rhyme and they'd have loved it.
Also subjected to some of the worst farts since a Boo Radleys gig in 1995 at the Irish Centre. Do some people genuinely not have the arse muscles to hold the sh*t dust in or don't they care?
Anyway, Admiral Fallow were great and I'll be investigating them further. Nighty bloody night.

-taken from Leeds Music Forum