Monday, September 20, 2010

Townes Earle arrested, hurls Felice Brothers into it!

Pure comedy, from

by Paul Cashmere - September 20 2010

Singer songwriter Justin Townes Earle was arrested in Indianapolis on Thursday for drunken behaviour during his concert.

Earle, the son of singer Steve Earle, was performing at Radio Radio in Indianapolis, when banter between the singer and the crowd turned ugly. When someone in the crowded yelled for ‘Freebird’, Earle said back ‘Fuck Freebird. I hate Lynyrd Skynyrd”. Someone then yelled for him to take off his shirt. “You fucking take off your shirt,” he responded.

During the song ‘Can’t Hardrly wait’ some guy threw a shirt on stage which landed on Earle’s guitar. “Fuck you,” he yelled at the guy, stormed off stage and then trashed his dressing room.

The venue filed “assault and battery” charges against Earle. He was fined $200

Later on his Twitter he posted, “Sorry for missing the radio Louisville. I was in jail! We will be making the show at headliners though. Free again!!!”

And then …. “Oh and Radio Radio in Indy and all it's staff can kiss my fucking ass! I think the Felice Bros. Would agree”.