Saturday, September 11, 2010

Outstanding Live Review for The Felice Brothers

By Stephen Cockcroft
Taken from The Word UK Music Magazine

10th September 2010
Open House Festival, Custom House Square, Belfast
A huge marquee on a balmy September night, the ceiling strung with a thousand fairy lights, is the perfect setting for the ramshackle genius of The Felice Brothers. Within seconds of them taking the stage the entire crowd - many of whom will have come to see headliners Wilco - seem to become aware that something magical is taking place. The first two songs sound as if they have fallen off the back of 'Blonde On Blonde', and the debt to Dylan is unashamed, melodic piano lines cutting through stomping rhythms and rousing choruses. Guitar, fiddle, two drum kits, an accordion and a washboard all make appearances, and the music catches fire in a way that is not captured on their studio work - Whiskey In My Whiskey becomes a swaggering barroom brawl of a song, Love Me Tenderly a massed singalong, and Run Chicken Run is the cue for much dancing and an outbreak of stupid grins throughout the suddenly sweltering tent.
The Audience: 
As eclectic a mix as I have seen for a long while. The older crowd drawn perhaps by the headliners Wilco, the younger by first support Field Music.
Food & Drink: 
The usual boutique festival fare. A range of alcohol including Blue Moon beer - served with an orange why it's practically a cocktail! Although that it tastes slightly like vegetable soup is perhaps a bit of drawback.
It Made Me Think...: 
The Felice Brothers are the heirs to that elusive, wild mercury sound and a band with a live show that you must see.