Friday, September 17, 2010

#6 Greatest Felice Brothers Song (so far)-"Forever Green"

This song has fans begging for its inclusion on setlists, and is growing more popular with every show they do not play it. Lyrically it mirrors The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses"

hear it here:

We would like to publish a video of a live performance of the song, but as far as our research can find, the song was only played live one time, in Rochester NY in 2009. No video exists that we can dig up. Please forward if you have a copy or see a performance in the future.

The great lyric in the song that stirs me is
"grandma was a country singer
id have loved to have seen her
making some barroom swing
i could see you doing that
gotta stetson hat
and electric guitar to sing with"

I researched a bit on the use of the Stetson hat as symbolism in blues music earlier this year. Read that here

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