Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rock Club: Simone Felice Walks on Water

Simone Felice walks on Water
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Well sort of, during this very intimate show in a very intimate building. Simone sung new, old and borrowed songs for 1 hour and 45 mins, mainly solo, sometime totally unplugged and sometimes with Slide Guitarist (Matt Boulter from the Lucky Strikes) and Drummer. Unlike his recent appearance at the Green Man festival where, the wine and rock n roll swagger were very much in evidence, last night it was just water at Simone’s side.

St Pancras Old Church is reputed to be the oldest church in Britain — maybe even the oldest of all Christian churches. Once situated on the banks of the River Fleet and overlooking a Roman encampment. It was a lovely September evening that greeted us as we chatted outside before we entered this tiny church.

A glass of red wine and we were all in our seats before 8pm. No support but Simone was on at 9pm sitting on a high backed ornate chair, guitar in hand as he played stark and stripped bare versions of Scarecrow and when I get famous to start.

For close on two hours we were then treated to a genuine and humble performance. Simone’s open heart surgery was 3 months ago to the day and his surroundings seemed to have an impact on him throughout the evening.

Taking time out to read a book extract as well, the evening was unhurried mixing old with new.
Union Street - Radio Song - Morning I get to Hell - Water Spider - Don’t Wake the Scarecrow- When I get Famous. New songs O'Gloria - Shaky and wonderfully borrowed - Ol '55, Helpless and the final song of the evening Long may you Run after which, Simone went though the audience offering hugs and thanks for the support he has been shown over the past three months.

Not a gig, more an evening with a good friend.