Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review of The Duke and King's new CD


THE DUKE & THE KING - Long Live The Duke & The King (Album)
Loose Music/Silva Oak - 27th September 2010

And here is one for my chillout/feelgood section, let me get rid of the spider webs first… Yes, it’s been looking a bit sad and empty for a while. Writing songs that can lift your spirit and give you a smile while lazily curling on your favourite sofa is not the easiest thing. Songs that make you wanna get up and dance, there’s plenty; songs that make you wanna curl up and die, even more; right in the middle, The Duke & The King is just what was missing.

‘Long Live The Duke & The King’ is a collection of folk rock soothing beauties with the warmth of vintage soul, taking you back to the days when it was all about an old guitar, a heartfelt voice and getting people together, no autotune, no screamo monstrosities , no lip-synching footballers wives. Simplicity is the key in this debut effort from The Duke & The King, influenced by the soulful likes of Sly and the Family Stone but also by the serene melodies of Bob Dylan, and infused of positive vibes  stolen from an impromptu reggae jam on a Caribbean beach.

The peaceful atmosphere of ‘Long Live The Duke & The King’ is unlikely to appeal to the youngsters, but past your 25 this is an album you should definitely find a spot for on your CD shelves, as I can promise you you’re going to need it someday. Consume with a nice smelling incense stick and a glass of red wine, and keep an acoustic guitar handy.

Review by The Wicked Witch