Monday, September 13, 2010

The Greatest Songs in Felice Brothers History #10 Take This Bread

Its tough to pick out 10 of the very best when there are so many great ones, from so many great songwriters to choose from. The standard for these picks are, personal taste, but also the response the tunes get from the audience, in a live setting, or in some cases a mysterious cult that surrounds songs that are rarely, if ever, played, though much admired.

We will post one song every day for the next ten days as we count down to #1.

So at #10, to start the countdown, we have a song off the 2008 self titled album, "Take This Bread". Written by Ian Felice, its a tribute to his late grandfather, who had recently passed away, and used a phrase, i think, similar to "I'm alright if you're alright." The version on the album begins with a phone message recorded from home, and is a much slower version than what we all hear live. The horns, the rollicking harmonies, The sounds of gunfire, coins and bottles falling to the ground, and a fantastic vocal performance by Ian.

The song was lauded this past summer by the Huffington Post as having a positive message to young people and promoting goodwill toward others.

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Hear the album version here!!!

Here is a version from last years "Big Surprise Tour"