Sunday, May 31, 2009

5-30-09 Madison, Wisconsin Setlist

Review from Madison, WI

We arrived in Madison around 2pm to find that the venue the boys would be playing at that evening was an enormous terrace where about 500 people were sitting drinking pitcher after pitcher of beer. That's what Wisconsin is, beer and cheese. The Felice Brothers had played the University of Wisconsin before, but they hadn't played the outside venue before. They immediately were comfortable in the space despite some technical difficulties feeding off of a crowd that had been drinking all day they jumped right into Where'd you get the Liquor? without their usual intro. It was a quick set but an insanely fun one. Some crazy drunk guy who had never heard of the Felice Brothers jumped up on stage and started hip hop dancing like a maniac. James even pulled me on stage to sing two hands with them which was pretty awesome. Half the audience followed me and the concert quicky transformed into one big party. Madison, WI sure seemed to love the brothers. The terrace was packed for the entire concert. As the boys head out west I unfortunately head back to NY and real life. I will see you in Montauk

setlist from the Memorial Union Terrace @ U of Wisconsin in Madison, WI
Where'd you get the Liquor?
Greatest Show on Earth
Take This Bread
Hey Hey Revolver
Murder by Misteltoe
Helen Fry
Love Me Tenderly
White Limo
Farley's Song
Run Chicken Run
Damn Boy (sung by Taylor Hollingsworth (not sure if I spelt that right))
God Damn You Jim
Chicken Wire
Frankie's Gun
Let Me Come Home

St Stephen's End
Two Hands
Penn Station