Thursday, May 28, 2009

Newport , Kentucky May 28 2009

Big Surprise
Run Chicken Run
Helen Fry
Chicken Wire
Goddamn Jim
Love me Tenderly
White Limo
Farley's Gramps
Damn Boy *w/ Taylor Hollingsworth
Greatest Show on Earth
Frankie's Gun
Xmas song i've never heard
Swine Flu

E: St. Stephens End
Two Hands
Penn Station

Typical, standard Felice Brothers show. The band, as always, was having a great time on stage. Big Jimmy Felice was borderline too drunk....he knocked over his mic stand a few times...but didn't miss and cues/lyrics.....all in good fun.

The instruments really take a beating...especially Searcher's drum kit. I hope they have extras.

Two small complaints......There doesn't seem to be much in the way of setlist variation. I expect the same basic structure tonight. They have plenty of songs to play...why not play them? Finally, I could take a little less of Farley's antics. Maybe he should spend more time practicing the fiddle.

But in the end, this is one the best bands in the country.....and absolutely the best $10 band in the country.

Oh....and Ian Felice is a god.

Ohio Pork