Saturday, May 30, 2009

Columbus OH Setlist

Here's the setlist from the Rumba Cafe show in Columbus (5/28/09):

Start time: 10:05pm; End time: shortly after midnight

1. The Big Surprise
2. Greatest Show on Earth
3. Run Chicken Run
4. Murder By Mistletoe
5. Goddamn You, Jim
6. Helen Fry
7. cooperstown
8. Cincinnati Queen
9. Cyprus Grove (w/ Taylor Hollingsworth)
10. Damn Boy (What's Wrong With You) (w/ Taylor on vocals)
11. Chicken Wire (w/ Taylor)
12. Whiskey In My Whiskey
13. Farley's song
14. Ahab (Christmas on vocals)
15. "Swine Flu"
16. Frankie's Gun
17. Saint Stephen's End
18. Take This Bread
19. Her Eyes Dart 'Round (Oooh My Love)
20. Penn Station

Kate F (thank you so much)

review by Pork

Did not keep a setlist. It was basically the same set as the night before. But they played the following songs that weren't played in Cincy: Cypress Grove, Murder by Mistletoe, and Cooperstown. Maybe 1 or 2 others.

The venue was very small with an even smaller stage. As a result, it was very crowded on the stage and it effected the performance.....the band literally couldn't move. This was in stark contrast to the booze filled, happy show in Newport the night before.

I don't blame the brothers....I blame the piece of shit management group who books the band.

On a side note, my brother asked Ian before the show if he'd play Roll On Arte. Ian's response? "To be honest man...I don't even remember the lyrics". Umm.....ok.

Reading over my review, you'd think I didn't have fun. But through it all, I had a good evening. The FB have just set such a high standard.

Oh...Greatest Show on Earth is so good, it should be illegal.