Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raleigh NC 5-02-09


It was by a complete coincidence that I was able to catch the brothers for the fourth time in three weeks, this time on Saturday at the Berkeley CafĂ© in Raleigh, NC. My older sister had just moved there last week so me and our little sister drove down from Richmond and broke in her new apartment’s oven by baking the boys some cupcakes. We got to the venue a little early to chitchat and give out our treats; I think I’m developing a little bit of a reputation for being that weirdly enthusiastic fan who brings homemade food to shows, but that’s okay with me.

Before the show, we ran into Dave the new drummer, to whom my friend had given a quick drum lesson back in Alexandria, and he seemed cautiously optimistic about his ability to keep things together—this was only his fourth or fifth time doing a whole show. Felice Brothers fans everywhere agree that he has GIGANTIC shoes to fill after Simone and Searchbag, but his performance was very encouraging: Dave seemed to work well (though not perfectly—yet) with the rest of the band and as the show went on he appeared to get more comfortable onstage, occasionally flashing an earnest grin (his own version of Simone’s mischievous smirks?)

Even though the boys have a variety of shows coming up this summer (one in my hometown of RICHMOND; contact me if you need a couch to sleep on), they announced that this show was the last of their official tour and in retrospect it was a little bit obvious. Some of the slower songs lacked the intensity they typically generate, and some of the faster ones were a little forced—but at this point it’s hard to tell if that sort of thing was obvious to everyone or just crazy people who’ve seen them in concert a gajillion times. Either way, they put on a fun show, especially the newly edited “Swine Flu” and the song I would kill to download, “Marie.” Also I’m not 100% certain but there was an older fellow there who looked a lot like Ian, possibly Poppa Felice, and he was breaking it down in the front row with me and my sisters!

Looking forward to a great time in Richmond, Floydfest, and beyond!


set list Raleigh:

Big Surprise
Loves Me Tenderly
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Boy from Lawrence County
Greatest Show On Earth
Her Eyes Dart Round (LOVE this one too)
Goddamn You, Jim
Frankie's Gun
Ballad of Lou the Welterweight
Ahab (Not sure the real title of this song but on the setlist it's listed as "Ahab")
Run Chicken Run
**Let Me Come Home is listed next but instead they played Where'd You Get the Liquor--later James told Ian he felt up to singing Let Me Come Home but Ian said there wasn't enough time**
Farley's Song
Take The Bread
Swine Flu

St Stephen's End
Two Hands
Penn Station


Video from the Show (Whiskey in my Whiskey KICKASS)