Friday, May 8, 2009

Bakers Dozen Mixtape

While the band is on a break from touring i figured its a good time to introduce different music that i am listening to, that is generally relevant to a fan of the Felice Brothers or good music, and might be of interest of readers out there.

1. Robbie Fulks-"She took a lot of Pills(and died)"
Country artist from Raleigh, who kinda has battled the industry over the years.
Tour dates are here a live performance of the song here
2. Lucero-"the Weight of Guilt" Memphis, Tennessee rockers, album is Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers. Tour dates
3. Alejandro Escovedo- "Always a Friend " This cut has gotten an awful lot of airplay of late. He is an overnight sensation,25 years in the trenches for this Texas rocker. Excellent songwriter. His tour dates
4. The Ghourds-"Gin and Juice" Yes, these Austin roots musicians did cover Snoop Dog's Hip hop hit. I still believe this is where Simone Felice got the idea for adding it to Glory Glory. Tour dates here
5. Son Volt-"Windfall" Everyone knows Jay Farrar is a great songwriter and this is one of my favorite tunes. Tour dates a video is here
6. Dan Blakeslee-"Your Spanish Scarf" This guy i saw playing on the sidewalk outside a Felice Brothers show. He is a massive talent, engaging live performer, lovely voice, excellent songs. Here is a video of him playing the song in the park to some people with dogs
Amazing right! his tour dates
7. Old 97's "Question" they got their name from an old Johnny Cash tune, and they cover his songs quite a bit. They got a tour schedule and a video for this song
8. Richmond Fontaine-"Black Road" Pacific Northwest is where i believe they are based. Live at the Doug Fir Lounge is a great CD. Their Myspace page. Willy Vlautin, singer and guitarist is also a novelist.
9. Popup "Love Triangle" From Team Love. Video is available for free at team love
10. Cassette- "Never Shake a Baby" Gainesville singer, guitarist, songwriter. Found her through Dave Turbeville (Now the Felice Brothers drummer), beautiful voice and excellent songs and this one is great. Here is her myspace page.
11. Golden Smooth-"Until You Came Around" Supergroup of sorts, Wilco, Jayhawks, Soul Asylum...its really good tune. Video
12. Neko Case-"Thrice All American" Video of this amazing singer.
13. The Powder Kegs- "Better Weather" really catchy melody, from this Burlington, Vt group that is produced by Jeremy "Searcher" Backofen. Here is a video of them performing at Northhampton, MA.