Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Johnson City TN 5-26-09

Cypress Grove
Greatest Show
Helen Fry
Murder by Mistletoe
Love Me Tenderly
God Damn You Jim
Farley's Song
Whiskey In My Whiskey (w/ Gil Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show)
Run Chicken Run (w/ Gil Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show)
Take This Bread (w/ Gil Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show)
Chicken Wire
White Limousine
Step Dad (Christmas' Song)
Ahab Song (Christmas' Song)
Frankie's Gun
Let Me Come Home

St. Stephen's End
Two Hands (w/ Taylor Hollingsworth)
Penn Station (w/ Taylor Hollingsworth)

The show started kinda slow with less than 100 people at the Down Home, and everyone seated. After Helen Fry, the crowd was told they could come up front if they wanted to. The band said they hadn't played in a seated venue in long time. After Murder by Mistletoe, 10-15 people walked up to the stage and stayed for the rest of the show. During Chicken wire, Farley ran through the crowd and stood on a couple of chairs while playing his washboard. There was a busted snare drum head at the end of White Limousine. Once again, Farley ended the show with a nice dive into the drum kit. He then jumped up and smashed his washboard on the pile of rubble. A good show in front of a small crowd. I got photos and a couple of videos to share if they work out.

I got it taped, and I will share it soon. I also have the Winston-Salem show that will be posted soon. I thought about doing FTP for it, but I think a website would be an easier route. Only 5 people can log on the FTP at any given time. I know it's an insane idea after 4 hours on the road and getting back home 5 hours ago, but I think I am going to try to go work today...on four hours of sleep. Wish me luck!

atomic Pope