Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Felice Brothers at The National, Richmond VA 5-23

Rumors were flying that Simone was showing up to play in the beautifully restored theater because that big old bass drum was sitting on the stage behind Jimmy's keyboard before the show began. The bill said "Felice Brothers and special guests." Well, no Simone, -- the bass drum never even got touched by anyone -- but we did get to hear Taylor Hollingsworth in a well-played solo set. I particularly liked Taylor's song "I didn't know it was the devil," He is continuing on the tour to open for the FB's for the next several concerts through to Minnesota. The bros joined Taylor for his entertaining song: "Damn Boy, What's Wrong with you," a rocking end to his set that you won't want to miss if you are catching a show.

This was what the FB's had written down for their explosive set:

Cyprus Grove
Helen Frye ("She seems to think the devil's drawn in ink")
Greatest Show
Run Chicken Run
Hey Hey Revolver
Loves Me Tenderly
Marlboro Man
Chicken Wire
Goddam you Jim
White Limo (Miryam uploaded Ahab & White Limo in one video for Youtube)
Slow Down Little John
Let me come home

However, Searcher had some trouble with the drum set falling apart and needed some time to fix it, so somewhere in the set (I think maybe it was after Marlboro Man) Ian and Xmas inserted a crystalline "Saint Stephen's End." Once Search was back in business, the brothers did a kick-ass "Frankie's Gun" which wasn't on the set list either. Ian also added "Her Eyes Dart Round" with a tender dedication to "the real Tony Mercedes" who was in the audience, Ian's friend Mentor Noci who recently relocated to Richmond and got engaged. We met Mentor and his fiance after the show as Mentor was handing out postcards to advertise a photography show he will be presenting in June at the built gallery in Richmond. It was great meeting them, and all the other Felice Brother friends and devotees (Bread Heads?) from near and far.

Encores (as far as I remember!) :

Boy From Lawrence County - just exquisite tonight. Perfect.
Swine (Memphis) Flu -- "Two thousand nine, pretty women, men are dying..."
Penn Station - during which a number of audience members jumped up on the stage, dancing, carrying on and spraying beer and water over the audience and the equipment. I think I may have forgotten something in the encores, but Penn station definitely ended it all -- or rather, Farley ended it all by a particularly spectacular dive into the drum set before the devil engineer could bring that train on home.

submitted by Suzanne and Miryam