Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Duke and the King Leave The Colony Cafe Helpless

Submitted by Olivia Dean and Mercy/Ruby Mae

From Mercy and Ruby Mae

1. Don't wake the scarecrow
2. If you ever get famous
3. Water spider
4. Suzanne (sung by The King aka Chicken)
5. The devil is real with "Beware the Beast: Man" -> Woodstock "I can see those fighter planes" x3 intro
6. Union street
7. Lose my self
8. Your belly in my arms
9. The morning I get to hell
10. Lie oh lie oh lie (?)
11. I've been bad (sung by The King)
12. Mercy
13. When we all were young
14. Radio song (including hilarious story of being arrested while driving Chicken's 1989 Toyota Camry and handing out his mug shot for the audience to pass around; unfortunately it never got to us)
15. One more American song
16. Don't let me down
17. Encore: Something in the way (Nirvana cover) -> Helpless (Neil Young cover)

An encore was demanded. Simone explained that they thought it was cheesy to go backstage and come back out to play their encore, so, as a new band, they didn't have any songs left because they'd already played everything that they knew. Eventually the band came back to join Simone onstage, Chicken said to do a classic, and Simone teased "T for Texas" and "We Are the World." Simone then said that they'd do the song that they had soundchecked, despite not really knowing it. He said that he'd dreamed about the song and woke up with it in his head, by "one of my favorite American poets, God rest his soul." After the Nirvana song, they started an extended version of Helpless, but needed to stop early on to check that everyone was playing the same chords. Simone said he'd heard the song on the radio today. After the song came together for a long rendition, he wound up asking what we felt helpless about, and taking his mic into the audience. People said things like war, their crazy new dog, climate change, and addiction. After each person spoke into the mic, Chicken sung a response about how helpless each topic felt. The show ended with Simone on his knees, bowing and waving his arms to the band as the most amazing encore finally came to a spectacular end.

From Olivia D

it's was absolutely insane. one of the top 3 best shows i've ever been to. i attend quite a lot of shows too.
opened with scarecrow, at the moment of "would you love me..." i burst into tears, i've been waiting years to hear that song live.
the entire set was amazing, chicken's few songs were great and it was lovely to see simone back on drums for "suzanne", it really sent some feelings flowing through my body.
in the middle of radio song simone ran back stage to grab a picture of his mugshot and passed it around the room for everyone to see.

he didn't do nowhere new york, which was to be expected but when i spoke to him after the show we sang it together, that absolutely made my entire life.
we had a good time, i won't give you all the details as i'm sure you don't care about the simone hugs and all that.

i took two pictures then put my camera down and decided to not watch the show through my viewfinder so i'm sorry to say i have no photos for you.

IT WAS A PERFECT NIGHT and woodstock was lovely