Friday, April 17, 2009

Alexandra VA 4-15-09 setlist (Carly's)

Run Chicken Run
Big Surprise
Loves Me Tenderly
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Chicken Wire
Ruby Mae
Memphis Flu
Captain's Wife (new!)
Greatest Show on Earth
Desert of Galilee (new!)
Goddamn You, Jim
Helen Fry
Murder By Mistletoe
Marie (awesome!!!!)
Frankie's Gun
Her Eyes Dart Round (my #1 favorite song of theirs--they were debating
at the show whether to play this or the Ballad of Loe the Welterweight
but I said to Ian, "Please play her eyes dart round, it's my
favorite!" and he said "It's your favorite?" and I said yes and he
played it.)
Penn Station
Encore: St. Stephen's End
A song sung by Farley (Editor's note, assuming this is the song i call "Lay Me Down"
Two Hands
Let Me Come Home