Saturday, April 25, 2009

Louisville: 4-24-09 Headliners (LUKE)

The Big Suprize
Run Chicken Run
Take this Bread
Marlboro Man
Whiskey in my Whiskey: Dave on Drums, Searcher on Second Guitar, James just singing, no instrument.
New Christmas Song: playing guitar and singing, Ian on Bass,
Chicken Wire
Boys from Lawrence County
Loves Me Tenderly
Captain's Wife
Frankie's Gun
Goddamn You Jim
White Limo
The Greatest Show on Earth
Ballad of Lou The Welterweight
Memphis Flu, Dave on Drums, Searcher on the Tambourine

St. Stephens End
Farley Song (Lay You Down)
Helen Fry
Penn Station

Little bits from the show, crowd broke out into applause and cheering after James false started Frankie's Gun. James only played three notes yet everyone knew what was coming, the band was very impressed by the audience reaction. The band broke down into laughter at the end of the second verse of Ballad of Lou, no clue what the laughter was about but the only instrument going was the drum, pretty funny incident, the came back strong though on "Powder your nose", great recovery. Last little tid bit which seems to be a show standard but worth mentioning. Farley dived into the drum kit at the end of Penn Station, though this is the first time I've seen Searcher catch him in mid-air before completely destroying the drum kit. I guess one more tid bit, at one point during the show Christmas was on the bass drum playing a little bit, and Ian decided to join him at the same time. I've come to learn that those bass drums are pretty sturdy considering all the jumping up and down on that thing those boys do. Thats my report, I think my report was a little better than the last one, can't wait for the Nashville show. Laters.