Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daily Egyptian Review of Yonder is the Clock

Brothers bask in Bob and The Band
Luke McCormick

Release Date: 4/6
Record Label: Team Love
Rating: B-

Every year it seems critics attach themselves to a new artist declaring them the “new Dylan.” The Felice Brothers certainly have a great deal in common with Bob, but they are not going to get a Scorsese film made after them.

“Yonder is the Clock” is the fourth album from the Catskills natives and travels the same retro Dylan and The Band path as previous outings.

The band has consistently churned out mid-tempo folk for a few years now and its latest is no different. It is a record full of cuts that would not have been out of place coming out while Dylan was coming up.

The record’s high points come when the brothers pick up the pace a bit. “Run Chicken Run” is the type of foot stomping, country anthem Bright Eyes has been trying to perfect the past couple of records. The Brothers nail it.

“Yonder is the Clock” is a record transported from another time. The sounds are inherently '60s. From the accordion solos to the fiddle playing, this young group’s folk rock is some of the freshest nostalgia being released today.