Monday, April 20, 2009

Billy Brock's Setlist and Review Ringwood Public Library

(the audience is dominated not by fans, but by town folk who are out on a Sunday afternoon to support their library.)

(Boyz are sick, with ian losing his voice and james completely unable to sing except for the background parts on run, chicken, run.)

(boys are introduced and enter stage right each holding books in their hands and reading like little schoolboys! Farley, ian and jeromy all read to the audience and a good laugh is had by all!)

The setting in Ringwood library was not a favorite of the boyz, as seats are placed throughout the entire setting, with only sporadic ability to dance near the stage…. the boyz clearly did not like this and lovingly mentioned it a number of times during the set as the audience was clearly acting like they were in a library! This muteness translated up to the stage where the boyz needed all the energy they could get to keep them going but weren’t going to get it this day.
The performance had its moments and for me, it was a joy to be anywhere near these guys and their music…but coming off a trocadero show in philly a few nights before that was off the charts incredible, this one felt “tired”…as they would admit to, during, and after the show.
Although a subdued performance, it was quite interesting to watch how they coped with the lack of vocals, and lack of energy. The adjustments they had to make were worthy of the admission price. Not everyday is sunshine, but there is something special about cloudy days as well. Christmas sang his captain Ahab in the tradition of buried in ice and played ian’s guitar while doing it…gotta love this cat’s vocals! Keep em coming, Christmas! Stunningly enough, farley head dove into the drums to effectively end the show! I would’ve bet against that act, in this “formal” setting!

(Stage entrance with book readings)
Big Surprise
Love me tenderly
Take this bread
Memphis flu (james stops singing during this song)
Desert of galileah? Ian tune? Or cover?
Ruby mae
Boy from Lawrence county
Helen fry
(Commentary about playing in the library)
Run chicken run
Frankies gun
Captain Ahab (Christmas vocal with yodeling)
2 hands
Farley’s song for grandpa
St stephen’s end
Penn station /farley rap/penn station
(farley drum rush to end show)

Thanks Billy...