Friday, April 24, 2009

Running setlist Live at Lunch WFPK Louisville 91.9

the stream is still available i think fully here

Doing it right here!

1. The Big Surprise

sounds like there is about ten people there

2. Whiskey in my Whiskey: James sounds still a bit congested, struggling to hit notes with the power he usually does. nice guitar picking by Ian. Farley "Give it up for James Felice, he is all sick"

3. Marlboro Man
4. Chicken Wire: love this tune, they make it sound like a kinda like Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys, just rollicking hilarity.
5. Frankie's Gun: very good version, Ian has a chuckle in the middle, particularly good yodel at the end.
interview from the host to the band.
6. Which record is this?
JF- Between 2 and 5. James introduced the band.
Is your family musical?
JF- no
Ian- My mom hates music
interviewer: You got guys got discovered in the Subway in New York, right?
Christmas-"a doctor discovered me at Vassar Hospital 21 years ago, it was crazy"...this stuns the interviewer and effectively ends the interview. The Band laughs
7. Farley Song (lay you down)
8. Farley introduction for crowd participation for Penn Station. right into....
9. Penn Station
10. Farley "Christmas is going to sing a very seductive song"
11. Christmas new AHAB Song
12. Marie.
13. Memphis Flu
14. Ruby Mae
15. Run Chicken Run
16. Rise and Shine (debut): Love this song. Thought this song could be about not just a dying friend, but perhaps about a blood brother, or real brother, in a time of turmoil. love the detail. For me its an epitaph, a beautiful one, on this era of the Felice Brothers (with Simone).