Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carly review of 4-16-09 Trocadero show

The Trocadero—Philadelphia, PA

Having talked to the guys at the Birchmere (and made them spaghetti), their tour manager put myself and two friends on the guest list for Philly; I originally hadn’t planned to go to it since I was catching them on Friday in NYC. I am SO glad that I went!! As a couple people have pointed out, this show might be considered one of the brothers’ best, and I tend to agree. An EPIC two-hour set (the list has been posted before) along with a rowdy, enthusiastic crowd made for a fantastic time (although I did get kicked by one of two crowd surfers. Yeah. Crowd surfers). This was the first time I saw them do Big Surprise as the first song (at the Birchmere they opened with Run Chicken Run), which I thought was cool but I felt it was a little polished for them...a little too thought-out. They all seemed to have a great time, which to me is one of the most important factors of a good concert. Once again Simone was missed but as someone else pointed out, Farley has somewhat picked up the crowd-pumping reigns since Ian seems too shy to go that way.

The crowning part of this show was the encore. Although I don’t have an exact setlist (I thought Chaya grabbed it?) what I can remember is a sustained, crazy excitement as they played one of the longest encores I’ve ever heard, transitioning from barnburner to barnburner after opening up with two slower songs. We had Two Hands, Let Me Come Home (a new favorite of mine along with Marie, which they also played but left off the list in NYC the next night), Where’d You Get The Liquor (I think) and Glory Glory, during which a few kids from the audience clambered onstage and sang with the boys!! One of my biggest regrets from my three-day marathon of Felice shows was not jumping up there with them. Next time, though!

On to NYC!!

will upload pics when i get home